Tutorial Desain: Making Background For Your Gadget

Almost one year mocca having Nokia 2626 for fun and always follow mocca wherever mocca go. And now mocca want to make something not bad for my handphone Nokia 2626. Easy simple tutorial design to making your gadget having a right award for a sacrifice during this life.
In this tutorial we will be learning some simply techniques to use for any type of background-manipulation. We will be doing this by taking a photograph of a gadget, mocca get nokia 2626 and editing it to to look like award. The techniques used here are the same for any type of other making-background. Like this:

1. First create a new document with a resolution of 500 x 500px. Select colors for the foreground and background 05a70c # # 4dfc2a, if you want to look like the mocca choice color picture below. If you want other colors you can create color as you.

2. Create a new layer, select and elliptical marque tools, and a selection and give linier Find a foreground to transparent white to look like this.

3. Create a selection in the same way, let linier Find again.

4. Back again for selection and give linier Find again. Make twice as picture below.

5. Press ctrl + D for change selection and change the layer mode into overlay. .

6. Make more options elliptical marque tool and make selection as the object and later meet with the color anymore. # 1e9805 a mocca (depending on color choice you earlier)

7. Then press ctrl + D and give the effect of the gaussian blur filter --- --- blur gaussian blur and give it a radius of 17 so that the design looks like this:
8. Select the rectangular marquee tool create a selection in the blur around earlier and press delete.
9. Create a new layer Press ctrl + D and then select the polygonal lasso tool with Feather and a triangle below the blur line.

10. Ctrl + D again and give effect --- blur motion blur with distance and 150% --- blur gaussian blur with a radius of 5px. Set the layer opacity as 70% this happens.

11. Now we need to find some appropriate picture, for example picture of Mocca Handphone 2626, to bring it on the canvas. This picture must be contrast to blue color object, for example red. Use Google Images to find this picture or feel free like my mine, make mocca Nokia 2626, wakwokaokwao (NARSIS). Then open it and use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select the nokia 2626 on the picture. Then press Ctrl+C to copy selected part of image. Go back to our main document and press Ctrl+V to paste copied part of image in it.
Now comes the important part, we need to make reflection for nokia 2626. For creating this effect duplicate layer with nokia 2626, flip it vertical with Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical and place it like on the image below. Looks better now as for me! Now set opacity up to 35% for this layer.

12. Get erase tool and erase below a mirror about nokia 2626, and make sure your brush soft and erase slowly until u resize until half and give some brush.